A cult film festival of the best of the worst

Genre film is an odd thing; some movies are so god-awfully bad that they somehow inadvertently cross the line into becoming ridiculously good, and even better with age. When the low-budget dreams of directors and producers became direct-to-video nightmares throughout the 1980s and 90s, some epic legends of trash cinema were born in the process. From well-known, cult-cherished flicks to dusty relics all-but-forgotten to time, these late-night reject reels stalked, oozed, and exploded their ways into our imaginations.

NEON wouldn't be complete without an underground film festival run by Dreadphile Cinema Club and screening some of the most glorious trash to ever light up your screen.  Even better, we're projecting this crap onto a huge screen, rather than via the 19" CRT you may have used the first time around. 

Come on in, take a peek at our virtual VHS collection, put your feet up, and stay as long as you like.  

We have a few more film-related surprises in store for 2020 that you are going to get excited about, so don't touch that dial.

"From well-known cult-cherished flicks to lost relics all but forgotten to time, these late night legends stalked, oozed, and exploded their ways into our imaginations."

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