Our Covid19 Stance

We finally received official notice that NEON RetroFest 2020 will not be able to be held at the Crowne Plaza this August. We know that many of you already assumed this given the circumstances, but we were unable to make an official announcement until it was confirmed due to contractual reasons.

However, this is not a cancellation, but a postponement. With this extra time, we plan to go beyond what we had scheduled for NEON 2020 in ways that we think are going to make you very happy.

All purchased tickets will remain valid for our postponed date which we will be announcing soon, and we will give all of you who chose to support NEON 2020 even more value from your tickets in the coming year as we take NEON to the next level.

Once we post new dates, if you find that you cannot attend the event, we will have options in place for refunds at that time. Any booked hotel rooms for the current date will be cancelled at no charge in the next few days.

This is not the end, but a beginning. More to come.

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