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  • We know we've been silent on a follow up to NEON Retrofest 2018, and we also know you can't wait for another one.

    Relax, we're not gone forever. The first NEON was a massive undertaking that took over the lives of a small crew of dedicated volunteers to bring to life, and we've needed some time to carefully plan where we go from here.

    We had the opportunity to put on a much smaller show in 2019, but we felt that after the unforgettable weekend that was NEON, and the outpouring of support in it's aftermath, following it with something stripped down not the way to go.

    Instead, we're going big. And even beyond the event, we have other projects in store for NEON - don’t take your eye off the horizon. There’s a new dawn coming.

  • Music

    Three late summer nights of retrosynth-soaked sonic nirvana.

    Welcome to the heart and soul of NEON.  Our main stage will host some of the most iconic Synthwave, Outrun, Retro Synthpop, Darksynth and related artists in the world, creating a terrifyingly awesome lineup.  Check it out below!

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  • Arcade

    Unleash high score annihilation.

    NEON's video arcade lets you play authentic maintained and restored original cabinets, all running the same hardware they ran in 1981--or in 1994, since we'll be representing both eras of the arcade craze.  We have plenty of experience with this, as our team has put together numerous successful arcade events.

    Best of all?  Keep those quarters in your pocket.  Everything is on free play.

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  • Retrogaming

    Relive the Console Wars.

    We feel great reverence for early computing and home gaming roots, and we're paying homage to them at NEON with highly immersive time capsule setups featuring gaming hardware from the late 1970s right up to the 1990s.

    Sit down and play your favorite classics in environments reminiscent of where they were played the first time around.

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  • Film

    A cult film festival of the best of the worst.

    Powered by Dreadphile Cinema Club, prepare for an underground film festival showcasing the most iconic and hilariously terrible Sci Fi, horror, and action movies defining--and defiling--the era.  We'll be screening some of our favorites from the golden age of VHS's, one frame at a time.

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  • Lounge

    "And if the wind is right, you can sail away..."

    If you get exhausted navigating NEON, we're giving you options for unwinding and unplugging. 

    You can catch some casual, old-school tabletop gaming if that's your thing, or just sail away from it all to smooth vintage tunes of yesteryear in our Yacht Rock lounge, chilled drink in hand.

    Time travel is thirsty work, after all. And yes, we said "Yacht Rock lounge."

  • Guests

    If you build it, they will come.

    It wouldn't be a festival without appearances, talks, and panels with dynamic and insightful guests, and NEON's chosen era is rife with brilliant minds and outrageous personalities.  Be sure to check back for updates on who's showing up for 2018.
  • Vendors

    Shop 'til you drop.

    Nothing cures post-event blues like sifting through all of the cool swag and souvenirs you acquired over the weekend.  NEON's vendor room is a curated lineup of companies, merchants, artists, and services relevant to our killer theme and various areas of the event like music and gaming, as well as clothing, accessories, tech, culture, and more.  Official maps and directories to come!

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