NEON 2020

  • We told you we’d be back...

    For the true believers who joined us in 2018 for the very first NEON RetroFest: We can’t thank you enough for taking a chance on an unknown event. You experienced NEON firsthand, so we don’t need to tell you what the event is all about; just know that we’re thrilled to have you back, and we promise that 2020 will be even radder, more detailed, more expansive, and more vibrantly immersive than 2018 was.

    For the newcomers: Yes, you’ve come to the right place. Since its inception, NEON RetroFest has been often imitated--but never duplicated.

    You may have heard about NEON from a friend, on a niche website, or through a musician’s social media account--but it’s tough to describe exactly what NEON really is. We heard from dozens of 2018 attendees that even though they read through the website and followed us on social media, they still had no idea what they were really in for until they actually got to the event. (To be totally honest, we didn’t either).

    Our supporters’ testimonials speak for themselves, but if you’re still curious, feel free to poke around this website to learn more about the types of programming you will find at NEON 2020. We’ll be making announcements as guests, musicians, and vendors officially come aboard, so be sure to follow us via email and social media, too. Ticket purchasing options will go live in early 2020, and final schedules will be posted closer to the event. Most of your logistical questions are probably answered on our FAQ page, but if you’re still stumped, send us a message.

    The retro future you’ve dreamed of is on the horizon, and a neon dawn is rising. See you in August...

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